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Salad nicoise

Salad nicoise

I washed the potatoes well and put them in a Zepter bowl. I covered them with water, put the lid on and put the pot on the fire. When the indicator needle reached the end of the green area I stopped the fire.

When the needle went down in the yellow area, I took out the potatoes. I left them to cool, then I peeled them.

I put the green beans in the Zepter pot, poured a little water and left the fire on until the water started to boil. I left the beans slightly crispy.

I boiled the eggs and peeled them. I cut them in four.

I washed the salad and the tomatoes and wiped them with a towel. I took the anchovy fillets out of the jar and drained them.

I prepared a bowl in which I put the cut salad, the chopped tuna, the tomatoes, an egg, the green beans.

I seasoned with salt, sprinkled with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar and honey.

I mixed the ingredients lightly, then I added the other chopped egg and the anchovy fillets on top.

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