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Stewed endive

Stewed endive

Recipe stewed endive of 26-02-2013 [Updated on 10-05-2016]

Stewed escarole is the side dish I prepare most often during the winter, easy to prepare, light and healthy, perfect for those who are attentive to the line and do not want to eat the classic boiled vegetables. Escaroles prepared in this way but with the addition of pine nuts and sultanas are also called Neapolitan escarole, I do not prefer them, but if you like them, add them as well, they will make the escaroles even richer in flavor. The work in the office continues and I take advantage of the fact that today there is a bit of sunshine to take a walk with Elisa, so I salute you and wish you a good day, see you later;)


How to make stewed escarole

Clean the escarole by removing some harder outer leaves and eliminating the central stem
Wash the escarole under plenty of running water and, if it is particularly earthy, put the leaves for a few minutes in water and bicarbonate

Then dripping more water, put the leaves in a pot, cover with a lid and put on the fire.

After a few minutes of cooking, turn the escarole with a fork, and cook until all the leaves have softened.

Drain the escarole not completely eliminating all the water and place it in a large pan.
Add a clove of garlic, the pitted black olives, the previously desalted capers, salt, pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Cover with a lid and cook for about ten minutes

Lift the garlic clove and serve the stewed endive

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