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You discover that at Gura Riului

You discover that at Gura Riului

To advertise my grandparents' village, where the Peony Festival takes place every year, in July. A village with nice people, good cheese and hardworking women! :)) My mother always makes my father. And he just passed by and told me I was just fine with a glass of red wine;)

  • 500 gr flour
  • 370 ml of warm water
  • 20 gr yeast
  • 1 lgt salt
  • 1/2 lgt sugar

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Discoveries like at Gura Riului:

I know people call them scovergi in other areas, but in our country they are scoverZi: D (no, no0s green ... unless they are foaaaaaaaaaaaaarte :)))))

The dough is made like any bread dough. Sugar and a little warm water are used to dissolve the yeast.

Grease a plate with oil, take a piece of dough and spread it with your fingers as evenly as possible, round and thin. Fry in hot oil.

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Serve sprinkled with sugar, jam or sour cream, cheese, grated cheese, if you are not fasting.

How to bake homemade bagel?

Until it leavened a second time, I heated the oven to a maximum of 240-250 C (without ventilation). It takes at least 30 minutes to heat up like the world. On its bottom I placed a tray with a layer of 2 fingers of warm water. It must come to a boil before the bread is baked.

I took the leavened bread tray out of the bag. I toasted the bread a few seconds before entering the oven. I use shaving blades for this (the classic ones that are sold in boxes, not the modern ones with plastic handles). You can do this with a sharp knife but it works perfectly with a blade. Look how nice the leavened dough is inside!

The notching is done to give the dough a tight & # 8222ported & # 8221 rise to baking and to prevent uncontrolled breaking.

Bacon recipes - to make our mouths water!

Bacon has a long tradition. The Chinese used the meat on the pork belly and ate it smoked and salted. This happens in 1500 BC. The Greeks and Romanians continued the tradition, enjoying salted pork.

Bacon is meat with smoked fat, obtained from pork belly. But more people in the world get it from different parts. For example, the UK on the shoulders and Canadians on the back. In 2009 Jamie Oliver pleaded under the slogan "Save Our Bacon!" for British pork. He points out that this meat has a higher quality than that from other countries, because in the UK animal welfare standards are the highest in the world.

Americans love bacon so much that they invented International Bacon Day, which is celebrated every year on the Saturday before American Labor Day.

Bacon can be used in many dishes: sandwiches, appetizers, snacks, main courses, sauces, etc.

One of the most popular types of sandwiches is Croque Monsieur. It is prepared with bacon, dijon mustard, gruyere cheese and a composition of milk, eggs and nutmeg.

You can make a guacamole sauce with bacon, served with chips. For this sauce you need avocado, tomatoes, coriander, onions, hot peppers, lemon juice, salt and bacon.

Bacon can be used even in popcorn recipes. If you like flavored popcorn, prepare a large portion of popcorn with bacon. In addition to these two basic ingredients, you also need Parmesan and cheddar cheese.

Shaorma in the house. Isolation.

It's not like the one from Genin (if you're new to me), but you might like it even more.

I made it this way: I seasoned some chicken fillets (small chest muscles) with salt, pepper, chili, sumac, Arabic cumin, turmeric, paprika. I poured over a tablespoon of oil. I mixed well and left to cool for an hour. I made a salad from iceberg leaves, small tomatoes, red onions, pickled cucumbers, hot peppers. No dressing. I fried the chicken in a non-stick pan. I heated a glue (I took the Mega washboard across the street). I greased the stick with hummus (you can find more recipes here), sprinkled it with sriracha and built today's lunch exactly as you see it.

You know you've had a good nightmare if you feel the need to take a shower as soon as you eat it.

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Servus Adi, I'm glad I gave you (your blog)
What a mouthful of water in your recipes.
But let me challenge you.
I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t know if the world still remembers, & # 8230 was an ancient custom that takes place every year these days of new trends with viruses and their necessary consequences.
As if the world was a little more humble, maybe I wasn't getting here.
It was called Lent. A phenomenal thing otherwise independent of everyone's beliefs and religion.
What are you doing with these more archaic people like me?
That I would be glad to be a strong one.

With much respect and sincerity,

If you fast, it is your decision and exclusively yours. As is tracking blog posts. You can not look if you are fasting and it bothers you.
It is not ok to go everywhere with religious boots and to have the pretension of others to respect your fast.

[& # 8230] as my head went, I didn't follow a specific recipe. If you want a swarm like on the blog, try AdiHădean's recipe. And you don't even need this device [& # 8230]

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VIDEO The story of Doclin, with songs, stories, memories, discoveries, brandy, customs and parrots

Saturday, February 18, ends the period known as the & # 8222coll days & # 8221 and begins the week of the elders. The feast of the Santa Claus is always on the Saturday before White or Cheese Week, a preparatory stage for the beginning of Lent, when believers are free to consume milk, cheese, fish, eggs, white dishes or ingredients of the same color. Next, we present a video report made 3 years ago in Doclin commune. Then, the winter estates "fell" on a day on February 14 and the filming was done on Friday, February 13. We were lucky because the report came out very well. So let's release the memories:
,, I want to tell you that this year, we prepared traditional parrots, as in their mother, that is, exactly as in the village because I filmed in the village. Our film crew was invited to Doclin commune by the parish priest of the village, his saint, the priest Ovidiu Mezeniuc. The hosts, the members of Ionel Sălăjan's family & # 8211 good hosts- were our members of a family dedicated entirely to tradition and folk craft. People welcomed us in their home, honored us and treated us to goodies and brandy from our own production. In this house we had the opportunity to see a small wooden exhibition, from carved paneling to crosses or coats of arms, all made by the head of the family, Mr. Sălăjan helped by his wife and children.
[youtube /> We were good hosts and especially, good storytellers and keepers of the Banat tradition. The old mother was the best storyteller and from her I found out how it was done and how it was done many years ago at "estates of parrots & # 8211 winter estates"

And that's how we started to make this recipe & # 8211 report dedicated to those who worked hard at training - the girls from the village and the young Alex, Father Ovidiu & # 8211 the initiator of the action and the host family, the Sălăjan family.

We had all the "homemade" ingredients from the Sălăjan family, but you can buy them from Mona Lisa at very good prices.

For a good portion of colds we need:

- 4 pig legs
- a fresh pork chop + another smoked one
- pig head
- Pig ears
- mice
- a clove of garlic
- 3-4 carrots
- 3 onions
- 1 suitable parsnip
- 1 large parsley
- salt
- Bay leaves
- freshly ground pepper
- one piece of polenta and many bowls and plates

Pork heads and legs are passed through the flame, cut into pieces, washed and boiled. The legs, head, ears, rind and pork neck are boiled in cold salted water over low heat to cover them with one hand. Approximately, we put three parts water to one part meat - (500g meat = 1,500l water). This is the whole amount of water, it is not added at all because the colds are no longer connected.
Boil over low heat and froth often to keep the water clear. After about an hour and a half, we put the vegetables and the smoked ciolan. Let it boil until the meat comes off the bone. We clean the meat from the bones and then divide it into bowls in equal proportions: and meat, and mouse and cartilage. With pieces of boiled carrot, hard boiled egg or peas, you can make different decorations on the plate. Either on the bottom of the plate or on top. It all depends on your imagination. We grind the garlic and after the juice has softened, we release it in the pot, we fan it and we add more salt and ground pepper, to taste. After about half an hour, we degrease once more and then, very carefully so as not to disturb the juice in the pot, we put the liquid over the meat on the plate. Let it cool and the recipe is ready. The next day, we make a polenta and… .. Now, we move on to customs and traditions.

With the Winter Estates, the stage of the seven Saturdays dedicated to the deceased in the Lord begins, a stage that ends with the Sabbath of Lazarus, celebrated before Holy Week, the Passion Week of Jesus.

On the feast of Santa Claus, the most distant elders and ancestors of the nation are commemorated, from whom many things are known about the religious traditions and customs, transmitted by them from generation to generation. Starting with the Sabbath of Santa Claus and during the following ones, until the Sabbath of Lazarus, the faces of the loved ones commemorated during this interval return to the lives of the faithful with the most beautiful memories.

& # 8222 At these commemorations, we go back in time and relive the pleasant moments with our relatives and friends who have moved to the afterlife & # 8221, says Father Constantin Stoica.
As with any commemorative holiday, the most important of Santa Claus are the cage, a coil, a bottle of wine, pomelnicul and candles. If possible, each believer can take to the church, for remembrance, other dishes preferred by those he commemorates.
In Banat, on Saturdays, meatballs or colds are given as alms, as they are also called, with a plate or bowl, wheat boiled with milk and a loaf of bread and a piece of cheese next to one of meat. With a lighted candle. Now, traditionally, only the bowl with parrots, the octopus, the candle and a glass of brandy remain.

Andreea Bănică, gaping. She is fascinated by safaris

The singer confessed that she had long wanted to go on safari, but that she did not go with the little ones because they could not enjoy the experience properly. "We did not take the children to distant destinations on other continents. I consider that being very small, I don't understand anything anymore and I don't even remember much & # 8230 now, at the age of 12, he perceives things differently and lives the emotion at high levels. It remains with beautiful memories ", the artist confessed.

Andreea also specified that she is not only with her daughter, Sofia, this holiday, but she is accompanied by godparents. "Our godparents told us they wanted to go to Kenya and we went with them. The reasons: a place where I wanted to go for safaris and the pleasure of admiring the animals in their habitat. Really fascinating ", the star transmitted.

Delicious and fluffy yogurt-based donuts & # 8211 melt in your mouth! A dessert like grandma's at home!

We present you a recipe for delicious kefir (yogurt) donuts. The donuts are prepared very simply, from the most accessible ingredients. They are soft and fluffy, with a pleasant appearance and can be served for breakfast as well as for dessert. Serve the donuts with cream, powdered sugar, cream or your favorite jam. Enjoy your loved ones with a delicious homemade dessert.


& # 8211 250 ml kefir (more liquid yogurt)

& # 8211 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

& # 8211 3 tablespoons vegetable oil

Method of preparation

1. Mix the kefir with the sugar, salt and egg.

2. Add baking soda and oil. Stir.

3. Gradually add the sifted flour and knead the dough. Get a smooth, non-sticky dough.

4. Divide the dough into two equal parts.

5. Spread each portion of dough in a 1 cm thick worktop.

6. Cut circles out of the dough. You can use both special shapes and two glasses (of different sizes).

7. Inside each circle, cut out a smaller circle (using the smaller glass).

8. From the remaining dough, you can again spread a countertop and cut the donuts.

9. Pour the oil into a hot pan (its level should be about 1 cm).

10. Fry the donuts in a pan with hot oil on both sides until golden brown. Fry them over medium heat.

Transylvania Calling, Gura Riului (near Sibiu), August 18-25 & # 821709

& # 8222Calling Transylvania & # 8221 & # 8211 Concerted electronic music festival of film, lifestyle, visual, drawings, workshops and much more. Below is some information about the festival (in English).

Festival Info

Gates will open on the 18th at precisely 11:11 am. The festival itself will start the following day, on the 19th in the Ambient Forest with an opening ceremony, performances and World Music.

The Mystical Forest Stage will run continuously until the end of the festival with a variety of sounds from World Music, Downbeat, Upbeat, Dub, Ambient and Experimental sounds provided by international Bands, Live acts and DJ´s.

The first 2 days (19th & 20th) of the festival will be focused on conferences, workshops, games, movies, and social and cultural interaction between the Tribes.

In total there will be 4 days and 4 nights (20th & # 8211 24th) of music on the Main / Dance stage with a flowing musical journey throughout the world of intelligent electronic music.

All cultural attractions, art, music concerts, DJ sets, performances, conferences and workshops will finish on August 24, at precisely 11:11 pm.

At sunset on the following day, August 25, the gates will be closed.

More about Transylvania Calling festival on the official website.

This year Transylvania Calling has decided to take a refreshing turn in our collective path to boldly go where no one has gone before & # 8230or rather where many has gone before, but it was quite some time since we did so.

Circumstances and experiences from our past tribal gatherings in the beautiful mountains and natural forests of the Transylvania region of Romania has taught us what really matters and also what does not matter so much for the essence of the experience that we desire to create in these years gathering . The focus this year will not lie on us trying to follow the main stream festival trends - i.e. to attract a huge audience by sporting a lineup that contains as many high-profile acts as possible, and leaving culture and community as something of a backwater.

We have chosen to bypass the financial politics of psy trance business and instead focus on what should really matter most - Us! The recognition and alignment with collective culture and our emerging global (sub) continent of unity-consciousness is what we find most important, not that we can proudly present the hottest names in trance! & # 8221

Location: Gura Raului
& # 8222Only 17 km from Sibiu, Transylvania & # 8217s natural and cultural heart center, Gura Raului - old Romanian settlement - is situated on the Valley of Cibin, at the bottom of Cindrel Mountains, about 600m altitude. It is a beautiful remote place, in the middle of ancestral forests, old rooted trees that will keep secret the magic of the gathering, whispering it only to the wind. & # 8221


& # 8222Witness the Phatness & # 8221

Antagon & # 8211 2to6 Rec (Germany)

AodioiboA & # 8211 Night Oracle Rec. (Germany)

Bigbacterials & # 8211 Cosmic Flower Rec. (Israel / Hungary)

Ghreg on Earth & # 8211 MOE, AuraQuake, Element of Time, BrainBusters (USA)

Jahbo & # 8211 Parvati Rec. (Denmark)

Kalumet & # 8211 Halu Beats (Hungary)

Loopus in Fabula & # 8211 Fabula Rec (Italy)

oCeLoT & # 8211 Zaicadelic Rec (USA)

Once Upon a Time (Bulgaria)

Papiyan & # 8211 Phreex Networx / Parvati / Vertigo Rec. (Denmark)

Paratox -Rudraksh Rec./ The Marburg Virus (Germany)

Psyvader & # 8211 Psysky Rec. (Belgium)

Saikozaurus -Zaikadelic / Skygravity / JMT / Goblin Rec (Ukraine)

Mole -Morning Monsters / Up Records (Serbia)

Mystical Forest Stage
& # 8222Witness the peace & # 8221

This is the play and chill ground. It & # 8217s is open for 7 days and 7 nights. Leading by chill out, ambient, world music and tribal rhythms to load up your soul and spirit.

Atati & # 8211 Trans Carpathia Arts (Ukraine)

AodioiboA & # 8211 Night Oracle Rec. (Germany)

Bigbacterials & # 8211 Cosmic Flower Rec. (Israel / Hungary)

KALUMET in DUB & # 8211 Psylife Music (Hungary)

Kliment & # 8211 Eletric Dream (Bulgaria)

Cuba & # 8211 Cuba Records, Liquid Sound Design, Chillcode (UK)

oCeLoT & # 8211 Avatar Records (USA)

Salvinorin & # 8211 Mind Tweakers / Node3 Rec. (Brazil)

Surbahar & # 8211 Om Records (Bulgaria)

Care (dzoncy) strOOp (Ashoka) Poland

Avichay & # 8211 Avatar Records (Israel)

Baba Red & # 8211 Mushroom / Chaishop (Germany)

Cosmic & # 8211 dreamtime / Dance n Dust (Macedonia)

Chaikovsky & # 8211 dreamtime (Romania)

Cosmic Serpent & # 8211 DivineMusicTribe (Sweden)
Cosm & # 8211 dreamtime (Romania)
Djane Gaby-Sunlight & # 8211 Dreamvision (Slovenia)

Djane Juh & # 8211 Karkeija Krew (Portugal)

Die Linken Hände & # 8211 PsychedelicTraveller (Germany)

Harihara & # 8211 Arkona creation (Slovakia)

Infinity & # 8211 dreamtime (Romania)

Liquid Ross & # 8211 Liquid Records (UK)

Marion (Ashoka) Poland
Mana Project 2012 (Germany)

Matt With an S & # 8211 SunshineTribe (Sweden)

Monkee & # 8211 double six (Cyprus)

Nmsk & # 8211 Nezavisna Tepsija (Croatia)


Salvinorin & # 8211 Node3 Rec./Mind Tweakers Rec. (Brazil)

Silmaril & # 8211 SwampTales (Lithuania)

Taruna dj set & # 8211 ShivaSpaceTech (Bali)
thanks to all artists for the support!

Mainstage Line Up is full. Final line up to be announced with Timetable in July !!

if you want to send as your demos and promopackages for keeping us updated on your creativity please use the adress from the Impressum page on the Dreamtime Website

(original images are on the organizers' website)

Culinary news with a similar topic:

Rice pudding & # 8211 the simplest recipe

Burnt sugar cream & # 8211 video recipe

Donuts & # 8211 donuts & # 8211 American donuts with delicious icing

Condensed milk caramel cream "Milk jam", video recipe

Homemade ice cream with fruit and whipped milk & # 8211 fast and sugar-free

Mini cakes with panna cotta and jelly made of bitter cherries and sour cherries

They tried this recipe:

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85 comments on Banat pancakes or & quotca on Ana Lugojana & quot

I don 't know where I went wrong & # 8230maybe I left them too long in the oven & # 8211 I think we needed more sugar and more cream ?!

And so they are very sweet, to my taste no sugar was needed. But above all, he had nothing to look for in the essence of rum in this dessert. If the composition has softened, you may have used insufficiently greasy cream.

It was all embarrassing when I last got there! It doesn't look like anything from what it was years ago & # 8230..Sad, very sad. ADRIAN

Great! That's all I have to say. :)

These people from Banat have an extremely good food :))

I just did them. They are extraordinarily. Thanks for the recipes. Have a nice day

Update the picture and write in the title & # 8222 Omelet pancakes, a little burnt & # 8221 & # 8230 What you presented was a few years ago & # 8230 Now I'm hungry and I didn't want to comment so as not to ruin the day, because it was husband and I did not want to get worse :-(

Although I did not understand exactly what you have to blame the recipe, I'm sorry you did not like it. Banat pancakes are another mainstay of many restaurants in Timisoara. Of course, no one serves them burnt, not even years old, which I did not recommend in the recipe :).

They are delicious. le fac f des & # 8230

I can't wait to make them beautiful :)

They are very good, we always can't eat Mititei and Clatite like in Ana-Lugojana

tomorrow I will do the same, to see what will come out

They look good, I'll try to make them.

the pancakes from the ana lugojana inn are very good & # 8230.I tried them and I liked them very much & # 8230.I will try to make them at home too to see how they turn out & # 8230.I am very happy k I found the recipe

Pancakes are good in any version & # 8211 either as a dessert or as an appetizer! But if I'm as happy as these, then they can only be terribly tasty and tempting!

All I can say about this recipe is DEMENTIAL! I have already done it many times and I managed to impress! :-) Thanks for the delicious recipes that delight our imagination! :-)

Can liquid cream be used instead of sour cream?

ffffff good I say for sure I had the pleasure to taste a portion of grandma

Thanks again for these very tasty recipes!

Ceau :) A short question, doesn't water leave sweet cheese when you put it in the oven? Don't you add semolina or something that binds it at all? Or maybe the type of sweet cheese used matters?

Generally, I use the sweet cheese I make myself at home. If you have to buy and you notice that it has a lot of whey, put it in a sieve placed above a collecting vessel to drain. Eggs bind the cheese enough, if you add semolina the filling becomes pasty, so it is very fine.

An extraordinary recipe, thank you!

My husband was very pleased with them.) They are very good as long as you don't stop eating until you finish the tray :).

I'm glad they are really good, may you be fine. :) Be careful though, they are a bit caloric :)).

I am very glad that you tried it and appreciated it. :) You're welcome.

I don't see my message anymore.
I made them! 2 servings! I also burned my tongue to eat them, but I think they are very good and cold. I have only one observation: they are a bit sweet :)
I put fresh figs instead of raisins, but I could put more, because they didn't feel good. The egg white was very long and I kind of forgot about it in the oven.
Question: Does the sauce become cream? I expected it to be more liquid, but it was ok anyway.

Next time, I'll revisit it with a fruit sauce to give it a little acidity. Thanks for this recipe.

today I had dinner: D

Ever since I saw this recipe, I have done nothing but think about it & # 8230Today I hope I can do it ..
But I wanted to get it out of the printer .. there are SEVEN PAGES: D

Looking through your recipes, I thought that if I wanted to apply for citizenship in one place, it would be Banat. I don't think any Romanian recipe made me salivate as much as the ones you propose & # 8230

Hi, Laura. Tell me what you mean by sweet cream? Thanks in advance, Violeta

I mean unfermented sour cream, whether it's for whipped cream or for cooking (this recipe doesn't matter), like the one from LaDorna, canned.
On 27.06.2013 17:01, & # 8222Disqus & # 8221 wrote:

We return with news from Corsica where these pancakes became the star :) and we had to share with you and the rest of the readers this joy, because it is a great joy to see a dish from home in the menu of a Corsican restaurant :). How did it get here? & # 8230at the beginning of the season, when it wasn't good in the kitchen, I said to make some pancakes & # 8222ca ana lugojana & # 8221 for staff, to pamper them a little and & # 8230 they actually arrived in the menu in the evening because the chef was very happy with them and said that they are too good for us to enjoy. You realize it was a big surprise and the highlight was when the owner of the restaurant came into the kitchen to see who made the dessert because the sight of the generous portion was convinced that she would not be able to eat everything. the effort was absolutely delicious. Do you realize how proud we are? Stefan, at his pizza station as usual and I & # 8230 will take care of desserts this season because, if I didn't know what my responsibilities would be, not being familiar with working in a restaurant, these pancakes also brought me a place work & # 8230sweet! At the moment I am learning their specialties, but from June 1, when the season will start in full force and the pancakes will be part of the daily menu of the restaurant, we will return with a picture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and we will keep you updated :).

PS. Antalya is a dream, but Corsica is no better either. We invite you here, pampered in the Mediterranean and ... pancakes like my mother at home.

Thank you very much for this wonderful surprise! I am convinced that the place where you are now is more beautiful than in a dream and if I had more hours of rest than work this summer, be convinced that I would visit you, at least to taste a portion of pancakes & # 8222ca to Ana Lugojana & # 8221, served on the shores of the Mediterranean :)). Your patania is funny but I'm very glad it was useful :). I'm curious what the pancakes are called in the restaurant menu :). I hug you dearly, Laura.

All I can say about this recipe: DEMENTIAL! I have already done it many times and I managed to impress! :-) Thanks for the delicious recipes that delight our imagination! :-)

100% natural sausages at Bătrânu ’Sas from Sibiu

Who are the ones who know how to invest in the recession? Because yes, 2020 will definitely be a recessionary year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
History tells us that for many business people, economic crises have meant new opportunities that they have taken full advantage of. They activated their entrepreneurial acuity and quickly found solutions.
This is also the case of the company Bătrânu ’Sas from Sibiu, which, a few hours after the crisis situation, opened an online store. Thanks to the new platform, several orders can be delivered at the same time and transported by store staff, home, to people. Batrânu ’Sas is a young company with fully Romanian capital, with the main field of activity the production of sausages and meat dishes and is the only butcher in Sibiu that has a logo, a logo and is promoted on the internet.

The story of Batrânului Sas started in 2012 with two young people from Sibiu who had the courage to produce quality sausages, 100% meat, without any food additives. Former high school classmates Andrei Dragan Radulet and Adrian Munteanu invested 60,000 euros in a family butchery that was insolvent. The name Bătrânu ’Sas was inspired by a famous Sibiu Sas butcher, named Roth, whose recipes are the basis of the products. With the money from their own savings and loans from family members, Andrei and Adrian purchased the equipment from the insolvent company and paid the debts to the suppliers.
Adrian Munteanu's family had a catering business and produced sausages, but only on the basis of contracts with certain companies. However, the business did not work and went into insolvency. Adrian left for New York, for a master's degree in management and culinary arts, and on his return he wanted to save the family business with his friend, Andrei Dragan.

The beginning was marked by financial difficulties, because the production costs were high and the prices charged on the market by the former company were very low. Young people could not suddenly raise prices due to the already formed clientele, so they chose to increase them gradually, as they offered customers something extra, such as: the introduction of professional scales, with labeling, acceptance of bank cards, and the launch of discount campaigns.

The recipes of the well-known Sibiu butcher, Mr. Roth, represented the starting point for the two young men. They were simple recipes, with ingredients used in the houses of Saxon households, so natural. Andrei and Adrian started with Parisian, summer salami and sausages. The young people, graduates of faculties with economic profile, believe that the lack of training in the culinary field was an advantage: not knowing how to make recipes, respect the ingredients: 100% meat, without chemical additives.
Among the most representative products are thyme sausages, or Leberkäse, for which they tested for two years, because they had no one to find out the exact recipe and they made it. Because it is a baking product, it is more difficult to make, so they needed time to test until they succeeded today's well-known Leberkäse.

Also at Batrânu ’Sas, you can find hot dogs without membranes. During production, after they are shaped, the membrane is removed. Bătrânu ’Sas has four stores in Sibiu and is the only manufacturer that takes orders on the internet and sends products all over the country, in special boxes that maintain the temperature of up to 8 degrees, for 48 hours. The parcels are sent by express courier, and up to 700 kilograms of sausages are produced daily at Bătrânu ’Sas.

Video: Concert Gura Raului, la ASTRA (January 2022).